The Power of a Mindful Minute with Plant Potions

A couple of weeks ago I attended a yoga class by the sea. It was during the Lunar Eclipse; a powerful night and was accompanied by acoustic tunes. Taking the time to be with myself, and appreciate the present moment was incredibly rewarding. I returned home feeling like I was on a cloud, no one could disturb the peace I felt. This sense of connection was something I did not want to let go of and wanted to cultivate more of in my life.  

Returning to reality, the next day I saw the Plant Potions range on our site and dove into their products as I was itching for that ‘Zen’ feeling to return. I investigated the pulse point oils, scanning over the products, the I AM VIBRANT pulse point oil stood out to me.  

Affirmation: I am a source of light and abundance. 

Level of Support: to inspire positive energy and a sunny disposition 

This beautiful potion now sits in my hand-bag and I take it with me wherever I go. I roll it on my wrists and chest before I head to work, before my practice, when I feel stress rise within and when I am simply feeling lower than usual. It has been seriously uplifting, especially since the daylight has decreased and the weather is cooler. You do not need to be a full-time yogi to allow more ease, light and peace into your life. It only takes a mindful minute of connecting back to yourself and the present moment which is NOW. 

I invite you to look over Plant Potion’s range on our site, and choose which potion calls you in the most. A good moment can turn into a good day which can become a good week. Choose your moment, Choose Joy! 



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