Ask yourself. Are masks created equally in protecting us against Covid-19?

As we find ourselves in times where mask wearing is the norm to keep safe and well, we wonder if all masks are created equally? Along with the look and feel and the ability to breath, what exactly should we be looking for to help us feel most protected?   

To get to the bottom of this we speak to the team at Lanaco to understand the ins and outs of what makes a mask safe. 

Lanaco is a NZ company who engineers products, including masks, with tech driven breathable filters to give us the world’s most breathable air filters. (We love it when Kiwi’s smash world first innovation!) 

These guys are pretty remarkable. Not only do they have fantastic masks, but they have developed their own breed of NZ sheep to enable the special breathable fibres to keep us safe.   

Their team say they developed the Astino™ Breeding Program to produce the high-quality unique wool fibre which underpins the consistent delivery of superb filtration performance. 

Pretty technical right? But how does this work to give us the best defence against the delta variant? 

Here are Lanaco’s top 3 tips for choosing the most protective mask. 

  1. Firstly,  make sure all mask’s fit well against the face, so air does not leak out the sides 
  2. The filter of the mask needs to work so when viral particles come into contact with the mask they are captured and do not get through 
  3. Finally, the mask needs to be breathable, otherwise why would you want to wear it?

Lanaco masks are designed like a respirator plus they seal against the face to offer an optimal fit. They have Helix™ the world’s most breathable, natural fibre based filter media.  

Lanaco measures the effectiveness of their masks through ‘Fit Testing’ them. Fit Testing is a recognised method in the industry. It involves measuring the number of particles entering the masks to indicate the level of protection. They are pleased to record their masks exceptionally high rating of protection against delta when compared with basic or standard surgical or cloth masks. 

To learn more about their breakthrough masks check out the range available now on 

The Brezy™ Mask has incredibly high breathability as well as high protection, and is ideal for commuting, cleaning, gardening, or simply wearing in the community. 


Lanaco BREZY 3-pack Travel and Community Mask - Black

The AirCare™ Travel Mask offers high filter protection with the convenience of using adjustable ear loops. 


Lanaco Brezy94 AirCare Travel Mask 2pk - White

There we go. Thank you Lanaco for giving us such innovative protection complete with Helix™ air that we can breathe, just as nature intended. 

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