Hawke's Bay fulfilment means goods for all Kiwis

Brands.co.nz Hawke's Bay fulfilment means goods for all Kiwis

Frustrated at not being to access non-essential goods? The leave it to us. Brands.co.nz is proud to operate out of sunny Hawke's Bay, meaning no level restrictions on goods for all of NZ using contactless delivery.
Retail NZ chief executive Greg Harford has clarified NZ’s alert levels restrictions and it’ s great news for regional businesses like ours.
"Customers in Auckland and Northland will be able to shop online for contactless delivery - but what they can buy will depend on where the business they are shopping from can fulfil orders," he said.
"A business in the level 4 area can only sell 'essential' goods, while a business in a level 3 area can sell anything, including for delivery to Auckland and Northland.
Our brands.co.nz home is Hawke's Bay and it’s from here we operate our head office and fulfilment hub to give you a true kiwi online shopping experience.
The team at brands.co.nz work hard to create the best e-commerce experiences for kiwis. That means offering relevant brands of both essential and non-essential goods at smashing prices, simple product discovery, easy checkout, more ways to pay, new ways to buy, spontaneous surprises, and all things designed to delight you.
We employee a great bunch of Hawke's Bay locals (and other kiwis of course) to source relevant products far and wide. Choose from thousands of products across personal care, fragrance, makeup, books, skincare, baby, toys, haircare, home and more.
Our locally operated fulfilment centre is powered by tech, meaning dynamic bin location picking and packing, seamless integration with our tech stack and importantly for you same day dispatch if you order before 4pm.
Don’t worry, if the product you order is not what you expected, take advantage of our easy returns offer, and we’ll fix it in no time. ​If you don't love your experience, then we're not doing our job. Simple.

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