Simple but Powerful Mindfulness Tips for Wellbeing

By Carol Pinker 

Merchandise Lead at 


As I have transitioned through my different life stages I have grown to understand an appreciate how being mindful (such a simple but powerful word) has assisted me to navigate some of life’s more stressful and challenging times. 

I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, and a friend and I have worked since I left school aged 16. 

My first real introduction into mindfulness was listening to an expert on presenting to large groups. The expert in the room reminded all of us that while we may not like presenting, through good preparation and a state of mindfulness we could combat our nerves. Something as simple as being mindful of my breathing and doing breathing exercises assisted me to relieve the stress of presenting. It was quite an enlightening session. Simple but powerful. 

Throughout the years I have worked for several companies that have looked at mindfulness and its impacts on wellness. From sleeping better, improving our eating and exercise habits and to giving yourself the permission to relax and enjoy tranquility. Many companies now acknowledge that having healthy minds is an important part of our working life also. 

There are some amazing books available to anyone who wants to take the time to learn how to practice mindfulness in their lives. Mindfulness means different things to different people to me it means I have the power to calm my head, lower my heartrate, to listen, to breath, to be calm in the moment.  

Whatever it means to you, here are a few of my favorite books to help you on your mindfulness journey. Simple but powerful books. Enjoy. 


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