The Joy of Gift Wrapping !!!

There are two types of people in this world, those who love wrapping presents and those who want to cry just at the thought of it !. 

Which one are you ? 

Don’t stress we at are here to help you all.   

If gift wrapping isn’t for you, then leave it all to us, we can wrap your chosen items and create a beautiful stylish gift from you.  All you need to do is tell us what personalised message you would like to add, and where you would like the gift to be sent to. We will then send it directly to the recipient for you …… How easy is that? You really can have all the joy and fun of buying gifts without the headache of having to wrap or send them. 

Even if you are someone who loves gift wrapping,  sometimes making your gifts look nice can take precious time you simply don’t have, or maybe it’s one of those times when someone’s special occasion has just crept up on you!.  Don’t stress we at are here to help you too, our quality matt black gift boxes and giftbags are ideal for everyone, filled with our fun exclusive printed tissue and finished with a gift sticker you will be as proud of our beautiful wrapping as you are of your own, and it will still feel truly personal as you add your own unique gift message.  A great option for those last minute gifts.  By sending it direct from you will save time and you may even save some postage costs? 

So, if you’re wanting to avoid getting tangled in tape and torn paper, or really don’t want to wait in the local post office queue let us at do the hard work for you.

  • Gift wrapping is for fragrances only - excludes Giftsets

  • Maximum volumes apply

  • the FULL order is gift wrapped - Items cannot be wrapped separately


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