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Self Help & Personal Development

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    Kieran Scott

    Kieran Scott Dot

    You will receive one randomly picked colour (Orange / Blue / Yellow / Pink / Green) Publisher Description: Are you feeling a little bit (or a lottl...

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  • Emily Nagoski Burnout
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    Emily Nagoski

    Emily Nagoski Burnout

    Publisher Description: Delivering cutting-edge science with energy, empathy and wit, this is the book all women need to take back control, end the ...

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  • Edith Eger The Gift
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    Edith Eger

    Edith Eger The Gift

    Publisher Description: 'I will be forever changed by Dr Eger's Story' OPRAH This practical and inspirational guide to healing from the bestselling ...

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  • James Kerr LEGACY
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    James Kerr

    James Kerr LEGACY

    Publisher Description: When the going gets tough, the tough start changing. Difficult times call for different solutions. In his global bestseller,...

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  • Save 24%
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    BJ Fogg

    BJ Fogg Tiny Habits

    Publisher Description: The world’s leading expert on habit formation shows you how to build a better life: by starting small. The Instant New York ...

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  • Dr Pippa Grange Fear Less
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    Dr Pippa Grange

    Dr Pippa Grange Fear Less

    Publisher Description: The empowering first book from the psychologist who transformed the England team – for fans of Brené Brown, Philippa Perry a...

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  • Ethan Kross Chatter
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    Ethan Kross

    Ethan Kross Chatter

    Publisher Description: Major big idea book based on breakthrough research: the natural successor to Quiet, Thinking Fast and Slow and The Chimp Par...

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